Sunday, June 5, 2011

with a boom and a crash

Tomorrow is a new day, thought Olivia as she got ready for bed. She brushed her teeth, immediately.  What a good yoga exercise would do, but perhaps tomorrow. It was a thought as she got into a night shirt that Vanessa gave her. Maybe it would be something she and V could do together. Right here. But, that might be asking to much. It wouldn't be awkward would it? She didn't think so.

Olivia knew, she just needed some time to herself. Maybe. But she'd missed V.

So Vanessa gave her a pillow and blanket for the futon. "We could pull it out?" V suggested.

"No, no thats not necessary." It was already the wee morning hours. It was time to get a good shut eye. Soon enough she was dreaming the white sands of Morocco when a blast of lightening woke her up. Olivia forgot where she was. Sort of.  She hated storms. But she gasped before she let out a shriek. She sat up, wondering if it woke V. Obviously not. A frosty chill ran through Olivia. She felt the goosebumps sprout on her lean arms. As she rubbed them profusely, she just couldn't get warm enough. Maybe she was coming down with something?

Naturally, O didn't think long. She grabbed her pillow and ran to get under the covers with Vanessa as another crash of thunder and flash of lightening illuminated the place.

Now this was a big comfy bed. O was a little upset that V hadn't given up her bed. The mattress was so amazingly firm, yet soft. Olivia loved that bed as soon as she laid on her side, just as she always did, away from V. Oh, she didn't think she'd be going anywhere for a while.


Cafe Fashionista said...

A comfy bed is the best hiding spot from thunder and lightning! :)

Florence said...

Olivia ! hahaha comfy

thank you for your comment, it made me smile. i just did another post do check it out if you have time :D