Tuesday, May 24, 2011

trouble is a friend of mine

"What are you really up to?" Vanessa asked after she tried on the third outfit Olivia brought her. Was it just Olivia, or was strapless outfits really in? Not that that had to do with the question. But seriously, Vanessa didn't want to dress up like one of the Supremes.

"Nothing." But that look of Olivia's was just a we bit sheepish.

Vanessa shook her head, no when Olivia brought her the cotton candy sun dress. She was done. As much fun as it was getting giggly and even taking pictures in the photo booth nearby, Vanessa had to go home.

Suddenly, she could see Olivia was about to break down in tears.

"Do you want to sleep over?" Vanessa didn't hesitate. Maybe she'd get it out of her. What the real problem was.

Olivia nodded.

Vanessa wanted to whine about her feet and how much trouble Olivia was to take her shopping when it was well after midnight. Seriously, she didn't need new clothes even if she was certain Olivia wanted to change her style.

Luckily, it wasn't all that far on the subway, which lulled Vanessa into thinking that she hadn't been hospitable enough to Olivia.

"Look, its nothing fancy."Vanessa said later as they were about to go up the stairwell to her place.  Not like places Olivia was used to. She was used to being a princess. Vanessa knew she couldn't compare to that. Even if they had been roommates at NYU. It was different now.

"Why do you say things like this?" Olivia asked. "I'm beginning to wonder where your self-worth went. This isn't like you. Besides, you haven't even mentioned any film projects."

"Neither have you. What's going on O?"

Olivia followed Vanessa several flights in the old building. Finally, Vanessa unlocked the door and pushed open the heavy door. Vanessa dropped her keys in her bag that she hung near the door and went to put on the kettle. She knew they needed to talk.

Vanessa plopped herself on the futon and took her roped wedges off. She nursed her upper lip slightly and hid her knees under her flowy sundress.

Vanessa set next to her. She sighed. "Come on, you know you want to tell me."

"I-I might have made a few bad business decisions." Olivia barely would say.

"As in?" Vanessa gave her a stern look.

"Some photos leaked out." She shrugged.

"Oh really, well, they couldn't be that bad. They aren't on Gossip Girl." Vanessa slightly tease with a nudge.

"But they will be." She puckered a frown.

"When have you ever taken a bad photo?" Vanessa's eyes fluttered as if to tease her that she was perfect.

"I made some French girl mad when she found out I was with her boyfriend." Olivia added. "She made it look worse than it was. I dunno why French people hate me." She sounded as if she'd never go back again even if she'd been considered for two up coming French films. This was like her comeback. "I lost a lot of money." She then frowned.

"You made it back to the states," Vanessa said encouragingly.

"I had to ride coach." Olivia told her.

Vanessa could hardly keep in a laugh. Naturally, Olivia gave her a look that she better shut up. She turned away and leaned on her arms resting on her knees.

"Hey, you'll think of something." Vanessa rested her hand on Olivia's back. "We'll think of something." Of course, Vanessa hadn't thought about filming anything for ages. She'd been spying on Serena all this time, hoping to find a way to get back with Dan. Although, she knew he wasn't worth it. And suddenly, she knew she had to get over Dan because he was completely over her.


Florence said...

i can't wait till your next story !!


Cafe Fashionista said...

Realizing that a guy is no longer into you can be heartbreaking; but it's better to just face facts and move on. :)

molly said...

Boy troubles are never fun on any level.