Monday, May 16, 2011

if these walls could talk

Vanessa felt a shiver when the scarf touch her neck. She looked at Olivia as if she wondered what this meant. If anything? Possibly not.

"What?" Olivia's voice was full of laughter, but she wasn't drunk. Neither, was Vanessa. She knew if they didn't behave..well, possibly bad behavior would come of it.

"There's this little place, I want to take you." Olivia's mind was somewhere else.

"Like where?" Vanessa looked at her watch. It was getting late, she had a class early in the morning.

"Its on the cheap. Honestly, but its such cool vintage, you'd love the shop." Olivia cooed about it.

"Like it would be open, right now?" Vanessa decided to be negative. The less time they spent together, the less chance of anything..strange. She didn't need odd situations right now. This could mean trouble.

"Of course." Olivia reached for the scarf then. "Its always open."

"No. We can't." Vanessa hesitated with a bitter wince.

"Why not, huh? Shopping is a girl's best friend." Olivia took her hand. They were done here. She left a twenty on the table and pulled Vanessa toward the door. "You need to take your mind off Dan. He's not worth it, V." Olivia looked back at her.

"What makes, you, think I'm not over Dan?" Vanessa was in a pout.

"Look at you, all sad and lost, even." Olivia shrugged as if it were the truth. Soon enough, she'd looped her arm around Vanessa's as if not to lose her in the crowd.

"I'm not lost," Vanessa protested trying to keep up with Olivia as they plunged forward into the late night crowd on the damp humid night. Vanessa looked to the dark skies. It looked like rain. She scowled slightly. How did Olivia do it? Always so happy.

"You're not on pills, are you?" Vanessa decided.

"Pills? How could you think it?" Now Olivia was a little pissed with her. It started to rain hard. They made a run for the little shop in the basement of a very old building. It was well lit with clothes hanging on both sides of the thin shop. So many bright colors in silks and amazing materials. It was dazzling.

"Vintage?" Vanessa looked about. It was hard to tell how it was, all smushed together on the wrecks.

"Its like a gold mine." Olivia put her arm around Vanessa, who wanted to undo whatever this was. But suddenly, it felt so cozy here as the rain kept coming with a vengeance. It was like they were suppose to be here, so she guessed she'd look around.


molly said...

I like Olivia's adventure.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Olivia is such an amazing character! :)

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griffin said...

Olivia's sweet!